Logo vs Identity

  • logo-boutique
    Boutique Design, High End Wedding Planning Logo
  • logo-csusaes
    Comfort Systems USA Energy Services Logo, A National Award Wining Design
  • logo-breadloaf
    Breadloaf Family Care Alliance
  • logo-eas
    EAS Energy Edge Logo
  • logo-downtown-yoga
    Downtown Yoga Logo
  • logo-laanxang
    Laan Xang Cafe Logo
  • logo-manchester-millwork
    Manchester Millwork Logo Concept
  • logo-planet12
    Of course we designed our own logo
  • logo-spicemill
    The Spice Mill Logo
  • logo-t-boogz
    DJ T. Boogz Logo

What’s the

Logo Design vs Identity Design

A lot of start-ups come to us asking for that one “home run” logo, where we design it in one round and they’re off to the races. The client is happy and that’s it, that’s where logo design ends.

Here’s the problem with having just a logo designed. What about the company colors? What about fonts that compliment the logo, graphical elements that tie in, and the core message? This is what we call an “Identity”.

A great example of an identity we have implemented can be viewed here: csusaes.com. This example shows consistent colors, fonts, and messaging throughout various interactive and static elements. What’s great about an identity like this is that it wasn’t all created over night, that it was designed with room to evolve, and to compliment itself for years to come.

Planet 12 has different identity creation packages that suit your budget and needs, contact us to get started.