• cow-infographic
    Cow Infographic
  • logo-eas
    EAS Energy Edge Logo
  • print-cx-process
    CX Process Overview Design and Graphics
  • csusaes.com Web Site and Interactive City
    csusaes.com Web Site and Interactive City
  • fat-cat-laughing
    Fat Cat Laughing Vector Illustration
  • print-puffs
    Puffs for Kids Branding and Packaging Design
  • logo-t-boogz
    DJ T Boogz Logo
  • monster-alien
    Monster Alien Vector Illustration
  • web-atouchofbliss
    A Touch Of Bliss Organic Spa Web Site
  • logo-boutique
    Boutique Design Logo
  • smiling-ant
    Smiling Ant Vector Illustration
  • troll
    Troll Vector Illustration
  • logo-spicemill
    Spice Mill Logo


Planet 12 is a Design Studio specializing in Design, Branding, Illustration, Custom Web Sites, Print, and Motion Graphics. Planet 12 works across a broad spectrum of industries, including education, entertainment, architectural, consumer electronics, media, finance and fashion.

Clients include Aetna®, The University of Connecticut, Comfort Systems USA Energy Services®, and Commonwealth Credit Repair™. Founded in 2007, we are driven to succeed and continue to grow by repeatedly exceeding our clients’ expectations.